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Destructive, terror forces can dominate for some time, but their existence not permanent: PM Modi

PM Modi's remarks came days after the Taliban managed to swiftly seize control of Afghanistan. (ANI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday emphasised that while “destructive and terror forces” may be dominant for some time, their existence is not permanent. In a virtual address, he cited the example of the historic Somnath temple, which despite being torn down several times over centuries, has managed to stand the test of time. “Somnath temple has been broken several times over centuries and attempts have been made to destroy the sculptures as well,” PM Modi said. “However, it won the test of time and these attempts; standing back up again and again,” he added.

The Prime Minister was laying the foundation stone for several upcoming projects in Somnath, including — Somnath Promenade, Somnath Exhibition Centre, Parvati Temple and reconstructed temple precinct of Old (Juna) Somnath. His remarks came days after the Taliban managed to swiftly seize control of Afghanistan, prompting thousands of Afghan citizens to flee the country.

“Forces that strive for destruction and those who follow the ideology of creating empires out of terror can dominate for some time, but their existence is never permanent as they cannot suppress humanity forever,” he added. In his virtual address, PM Modi stressed on the importance of religious tourism in the country. “This will also provide employment to youth. They (youth) will also get knowledge about our past. Faith can’t be crushed from terror. We should learn from the past,” he said. He went on to share his vision to create a “new India” with the legacy of the country’s history. He said that the Ram Temple, currently under construction in Ayodhya, was a strong pillar of this new India.

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