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India celebrates 75th Independence Day.

On the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pitched for the country’s transformation to newer heights, new levels of prosperity, world-class modern infrastructure, and access to quality facilities for all Indians irrespective of the region and class they belong in the next 25 years. However, he reminded the citizens that a resolve means nothing without the efforts to back it. “A resolve will remain incomplete till it is not matched with valour and hard work. Therefore we have to achieve all our resolves through ultimate valour and hard work,” Modi said from the ramparts of the the Red Fort.

Addressing his eighth Independence Day address, Modi virtually prophesized next 25 years till the centenary year of Independence as ‘Amrut Kal’, during which India will transform itself to newer heights. “25 years of Amrut Kaal. We should not wait for that long to meet our goals. We must set out for this immediately. Yehi samaya hai, sahi samay hai… (this is the time, the right time) We should change ourselves according to the changing world. We will work with the motto of Sabka saath, sabka vikaas, sabka vishwas aur sabka prayaas,” Prime Minister said adding that country should aim to achieve new levels of prosperity and ensure that the quality of access to facilities are not different in urban and rural areas; and government should not be an impediment for public and country should have modern infrastructure which is no less than world standard.

In this context, he appealed to governments at every level to bring down compliance burdens for citizens in a mission mode.

At a time when his government has come under fire for the alleged snooping using the Pegasus spyware, the Prime Minister intensely pitched for reduced role of the government in citizens’ life. “We want such an India where the governments do not interfere in the lives of the citizens,” he said. He also assured that his government is working for freeing people and system of the archaic laws. “Earlier, the govt was sitting in the driver’s seat. Maybe it was needed at that time. But the time has changed now. Efforts have increased in the last seven years to free the people from the web of unnecessary laws and procedures. Several unnecessary laws have been scrapped so far. Our priority will be to ensure that the services reach the last person seamlessly. For the all-round development of the nation, it is essential to end the unnecessary interference of govt and government procedures in the lives of people,” he said.

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