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Odisha reported around an 11% rise in fresh COVID-19 cas

The coastal State on Saturday reported around an 11% rise in fresh COVID-19 cases while the single-day recoveries surpassed the number of new infections even amidst the health authorities claim that the pandemic infection has subsided in the State.

Of the fresh infections, eighty-three children are among the 695 people who tested positive for COVID-19 in Odisha in the last 24 hours, pushing the tally to 10,19,621. Yesterday the State had logged 628 positive cases. The new cases were diagnosed with 1.06% Test Positivity Rate (TPR), while 10,05,564 people have recovered from the disease so far including 719 in the last 24 hours. On Friday, the State's TPR stood at 1%. Currently, Khodha, of which the Capital City Bhubaneswar is a part, finds itself in COVID red zone category with 2,534 active cases. The district had incidentally turned yellow couple of days back with its active cases dipping below the 2,500 mark. The remaining 29 districts have however turned green accounting for fewer than 1,000 active cases. The coastal state now has 5,876 active cases with around 500 of them recuperating in various government and private healthcare facilities. As many as 83 children and adolescents are among the new patients, and the daily infection rate among people below 18 years of age currently stands at 11.94 per cent. Khurda district, which comprises the state capital Bhubaneswar, registered the highest number of fresh cases at 323, followed by Cuttack (90). Khordha and Cuttack districts, home to Odisha's largest urban conglomerates of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, with a combined tally of 413 new cases accounted for almost 59.42% of infections reported in the last 24 hours. Six fresh fatalities counted today pushed the coronavirus death toll to 8,128. The state has conducted over 1.91 crore sample tests, including 65,512 on Friday, for COVID-19, and the overall positivity rate now stands at 5.33 per cent. The case fatality rate implying the cumulative deaths as against the positive cases stands at 0.79% in the State. As many as 2.67 crore people have been inoculated so far, of whom 68.30 lakh have been fully vaccinated. The State's recovery rate currently stands at 98.62% while active cases account for 0.57% of total positive cases registered in the State. The State's share is 3.05% in the country's confirmed virus caseload while the active cases are 1.77% of India's total active cases. The number of cured patients accounts for 3.09% of the country's total recovery. Odisha has so far reported 1.83% of the country's Coronavirus deaths.

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